Handles filled with Vibration Dampening Gel (VDG)
Assembled on a 18″ Glaser Hitec Handle.


Jerry Glaser has been producing quality scrapers since the 1980s.

What makes a great scraper is the quality and thickness of the steel. Glaser Hitec scrapers are far superior than any other scraper available in the market today. They are massively built using 3/8″ thick CPM10V materials and showcase a proprietary aircraft aluminum grade polished adapter which secures the base of the scraper inside the handle for safety.

The CPM10V material on this tool makes it exceptionally resistant to wear. The steel is atomized and compacted, resulting in an extremely homogeneous structure and dimensional stability.

Combine that with Jerry Glaser’s proprietary “cryogenics processes” being applied since 1995 and you are bound to own what is known today around the world as the “ultimate scraper”.

Although sharpened, the initial grind is placed just to allow the woodturner to start using the tool right away. It is up to the user to determine if he/she wants to keep the same grind shape after initial use.


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