Synergy Ultragouge

The term synergy comes from Greek word syn-ergos, meaning “working together”

Synergy develops when things work in concert to create an outcome that is in some way of more value than the total of what the individual input is. In a technical context, its meaning is a construct or collection of different elements working together to produce results not obtainable by any of the elements alone.

This is exactly what will happen when you get to try a Synergy Ultragouge. The sleek patented “no-roll” handle design feels like it is part of your hand. And then, when you insert a synergy blade inside the Synergy “quick-release high precision adapter” made out of medical grade polished stainless steel, you can right away detect a high-quality design that features extremely high tolerances. And SYNERGY is created!

Synery Ultragouge is the first quick release system in the world that utilizes a state of the art adapter which makes blade changeovers quick, accurate and pleasurable. The unit’s compact design ensures maximum rigidity, resulting in increased turning accuracy and improved quality.

This  worldwide patented and state-of-the-art “Quick Release System”, allows for the easy removal of the tool from its handle. This feature will make grinding simpler and allows for a “quick change of tools”. This system does not have a separate collar or need a key to release the blade or make use of set-screws.

This is a new and revolutionary way to change tools. Although it might look simple, the tolerances and design applied are directly related to the developments of aerospace and deep space exploration components and within AS9100 requirements.

The shapes of the Synergy Ultragouge blades were created with “no compromises“. Each type of blade is made to add more rigidity than any tool in the history of woodturning. They are also designed to provide the selective woodturner with the best flute shapes, based largely on the advice and experience of legendary toolmaker Mr. Jerry Glaser. These tools can overhang the tool rest further than any other woodturning tool with almost no vibration.

One of the most innovative aspects in woodturning today was the introduction of aluminum handles filled with lead shot introduced by Jerry Glaser in 1985. Aluminum makes exceptional strong and rigid handles. Our Synergy Handles have a proprietary unique shape which will not roll when placed down.

Aluminum extruded handles when filled with lead have much greater vibration resistance than wood. This concept is substantial in decreasing tool vibration and reducing fatigue and the added mass greatly increases stability. The vibration is generated at the tip of the tool when it is cutting.

Then, it gets transferred down the length of the tool where it is again transferred to the lead shot. Since the show is not packed tightly, it will begin to resonate. If you could x-ray the handle while turning a bowl blank, you would see some incredible “buckshot gyrations” in there.

With the help of one of the “top metallurgists” in the world and the guidance and expertise of Jerry Glaser, we have developed our own “proprietary metal”, sparing no resources to create the ultimate woodturning tool. This proprietary steel is then subjected to a proprietary coating developed to insure rust-resistance properties and enhance cutting.

CAULDRON 305 is a proprietary new metal development based on century old dormant technology that has been brought to life with 21st century metallurgical processing. Utilizing proprietary Carbide Cloud Technology (CCT) combined with accelerated diffusional nucleation processing; this multi-component proprietary alloy develops a very high hardness matrix populated by colonies of nanometer to micron sized carbides and oxides. This process also eliminates the need for any form of cryogenic tempering after heat treatment. CAULDRON 305 demonstrates better thermal properties, including improved heat dissipation and less warping or distortion. Stress relief means less cracking and the modification to the carbon microstructure means increased wear resistance. Extensive laboratory testing has shown that tools made from CAULDRON 305 exhibit unusually high hardness, superior edge retention, and highly corrosion resistant surfaces with enhanced lubricity. The current formulation of CAULDRON 305 is proprietary.

We are now in the final stages of completion and we hope you keep visiting us to learn about its release.

At Glaser Hitec, we are CONSTANTLY thinking and implementing innovation.