Jerry Glaser – timeline

Sam Maloof on Jerry Glaser, woodturner…

“Jerry’s work was as good as anyone else around at the time. If he had stayed with woodturning, he would have gone all the way. He made a decision to go a different direction so we would have all the good tools to work with.”

The timeline below clearly shows that Jerry Glaser’s was  “A man ahead of his Time!”

  • 1966 Introduces commercially available high-speed turning tools.
  • 1966 Introduces milled turning gouges from round stock rather than stamped or hot forged.
  • 1966 Introduces first commercially available tools truly sharpened and hand-honed ready for use.
  • 1975 Introduces commercially available ” Particle Metals” to woodturning tools.
  • 1980 First to offer turning tools in an array of specialty steels, including M2, M4, CPM10V & CPM15V.
  • 1982 Develops commercially available grinding jig with holding and manipulation features. Precursor of all grinding jigs available today.
  • 1985 Introduces interchangeable turning tools with single handle.
  • 1985 Introduces commercially made metal turning tool handles loaded with lead shot to dampen vibration.
  • 1985 Introduces multiple-based Glaser Screw Chuck (three different bases on the same chuck).
  • 1988 Develops double articulating hollow turning/boring tools.
  • 1989 Develops first bowl skew.
  • 1995 Introduces cryogenically treated steel at -300°F for extra toughness,  something emphasized today by other toolmakers as a recent innovation.
  • 2005 Glaser Engineering acquired by Paulo Marin.
  • 2011 Structures with Paulo Marin  the first bowl gouges made out of new advanced steels.
  • 2018 Glaser Hitec finalizes all procedures for the introduction of the modular  SYNERGY ULTRAGOUGE tool line.