Featured Artist: Mark Nantz

I am sure we all agree that Art is a gift to the world and it is what our soul craves in the human experience. Like music, art gives meaning to our lives and helps us understand the world in which we live. Through art, we have a deeper understanding of our emotions; it increases our self-awareness, and also allows us to be open to new ideas and experiences.

When we connect with a piece of art, we immediately encounter a rise and a deep understanding of our emotions., and as humans, it is essential to surround ourselves with art created by others. That process awakens in all of us a whole new set of experiences, feelings, and ideas that we may have never experienced before. It allows us to look within because as people, we decide what we are seeing and feeling, based on the emotional connection that we have with that work of art.

When I first saw Mark Nantz’s art, I was immediately taken by the exquisite forms and his tremendous attention to detail, and the feeling was augmented when I realized he was a Glaser Tool Owner. His relationship with Glaser tools goes back to when Jerry Glaser was alive. I personally feel that every time I find superb work created with Jerry’s tools, from wherever he might be, Jerry smiles… happy that he was able to help create superb tools which in turn help people like Mark Nantz produce masterpieces. On my part, I am honored and happy to be able to still continue Jerry’s work and witness his enduring legacy.

Please enjoy our featured artist. Visit his website: www.marknantz.com and I am sure you will agree with me that this HUMBLE and unassuming human being is the epitome of creativity and professionalism, coupled with incredible attention to detail and vision.

Thank You Mark Nantz for the opportunity to share your life’s work!

Mark Nantz Artist Statement

With every piece I make, my goal is for it to be distinctly identifiable as my own and flawlessly executed. I believe that what makes my work unique is the way that I combine simple, timeless forms with materials and techniques that exhibit spectacular visual characteristics, while maintaining a degree of precision rarely seen in woodworking.

My existence has been devoted to exercising my creative abilities as well as developing and refining my skills as a craftsman. I find it greatly rewarding to successfully complete a challenging piece and to be consumed in the process of creating my work.

What inspires me most are ancient artifacts, nature, architecture, and industrial components. Repetition in design always gets my attention such as the teeth on gear or sprocket, the scales on a fish, or facets on a crystal.
My most recent works “Artifact Series” suggest they may have been exhumed from the ruins of an ancient civilization, possibly made by a forgotten craftsman to glorify his Gods or King.

Mark Nantz, was born in 1969. Raised and currently residing in Colchester, Connecticut, he works full-time as a photographer and craftsman. When he is not in his workshop or Photography studio, he enjoys boating and fishing on the Connecticut River and Long Island sound as well as gardening and spending time with his children, Phoebe
and Zander.