Featured Artist: Matt Monaco

Matt Monaco

Few years ago, my good friend and artist Bill Wyko came to visit us from Arizona to pickup a tablesaw. That day, he had a guest with him: Matt Monaco, an aspiring woodturner who displayed great energy and ambition. I was immediately drawn to Matt for his focus and energy.
A few years went by and today Matt embodies everything I expected of him. I am very happy to showcase Matt in our website as Featured Artist and I encourage everyone to visit his website www.monacobowls.com to see how incredible his work is. Welcome to the Glaser Family Matt!

Matt’s backround is very diverse and eclectic!

Not having traditional woodworking roots, but instead chose woodturning because of the speed and flow of the process, appreciation of fine forms in ceramics, and the motorskill of the eye seeing forms develop naturally. 

As he puts it: “Wood turning became a fortunate accident, and I allowed the direction of it to forge itself with my desire to continually pursue fine line and form with the development of my eye for design. 

He makes dedicated collections, as well as signature series vessels and lidded containers for the interior design industry, regional craft shows, and collectors using locally sourced woods from the Ozark Mountain Range. 

He has turned wood for 15 years and apprenticed for 5, with training that includes assisting and working with acclaimed masters of the craft, as well as establishing his full time woodturning studio.

Matt is currently on the faculty of the Arkansas Craft School, and teaches at regional craft schools. He also demonstrates for national woodturning clubs of the AAW has taught woodturning on the college level.