Featured Artist


It was very difficult for me to put into words the artistry of Steven Kennard.

When he first contacted me about our miniGlaser QR system, I did not know anything about him. All it took was a visit to his website for me to realize that Steven Kennard is a GENIUS!

Steven started his journey with wood in 1970 and has been pursuing perfection in form and design since then.

When you look at some of his creations you will be left with a sense of wonder which will inspire you to perfect your own skills and explore techniques and methods that will most definitely set you apart.

I am privileged to own one of his pieces (which by the way, my wife already took possession) and every time I look at it, provokes thoughts of wonder and emotions which are so endearing to all of us when we look at beautiful turned piece of wood.

His work is inspiring, intriguing and meditative.kennard-5





I am honored and happy to know Steven and just hope that one of these days, I am able to get away from my daily activities, so I can spend a week with him and with his help, enrich my own woodturning journey.

I invite you all to watch this phenomenal video about Steven created by the talented Ben Proudfoot from Breakwater Studios: TURNS

To learn more about Steven Kennard, please click on this link www.stevenkennard.com. I assure you will be AMAZED!