Handles filled with Vibration Dampening Gel (VDG)
Assembled on a 14″ Glaser Hitec Handle

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The fabulous “Glaser Fingernail Profile” makes them easy to maneuver in tight spaces and gives more actual clearance for the cutting edge to get into tighter areas.
It also makes the tool more rigid and able to resist vibration which would cause ripples in the turned wood surface. The flute shapes are precision ground using state of the art CNC Grinding Machines. Then, they are hardened and cryogenically tempered and subjected to our proprietary “Surface Compacting Technology” which enhances the surface of the steel. The process creates a “micro burr” surface which proves to be “extremely effective on the cutting edge of the tool.

The CPM10V material on this tool makes it exceptionally resistant to wear. The steel is atomized and compacted, resulting in an extremely homogeneous structure and dimensional stability.


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