Handles filled with Vibration Dampening Gel (VDG)
Assembled on a 12″ Glaser Hitec Handle

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A skew chisel is a long, flat, bevel-edged tool with an angled tip. The long point of the chisel’s cutting edge is called the toe, whereas the the shortest point is called the heel.

The skew chisel has a variety of uses from roughing a spindle blank to producing intricate grooves and beads, smoothing surfaces (both straight and convex), trimming end grain and making “V” cuts. The skew chisel is one of the basic tools of the turner and much effort is spent mastering its use. Geometrically it is just a knife held at an angle to the wood, so that is very quickly shaves wood off to a glass smooth finish.

When you first pickup a Glaser Hitec Skew you will notice the difference “right-away”. Glaser Hitec Skews deliver the “ultimate performance”. They are made of our flagstaff steel (CPM10V). The skew is secured into the handle by a proprietary aircraft aluminum grade polished adapter with two stainless steel screws.


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