I appreciate the input from happy customers and Glaser Tool users. I don’t know of a better way to tell Jerry that people appreciate his tools and all the years of innovative thinking. All the people issuing these testimonials have given us prior permission to post their experiences on this site.

– Paulo Marin

– Michael Ginsberg – Posted on Sawmill Creek on 04-29-2011 4:52 PM

My experience with Glaser Hitech

I wanted to share with all of you my experience with Paulo at Glaser Hitec. With the recent thread discussions about their pricing, I thought this was appropriate. I had some questions about accessing their website (it turned out the problem was with my older browser). Being in retail and appreciating customer service, my experience was as good as you can get. He offered me very individualized service that involved follow up phone calls, that is now a days uncommon. I cannot afford to buy his product on a regular basis, however, I was left with such a good impression, I am sure I will be a customer in the near future. I am eying the new screw chuck- pricey, but I understand from research it is the best out there.


“I have used a lot of different types of turning tools for over 20 years and once I tried Jerry’s tools I have not bought any other gouges since.  The consistency and the ability for the steel to take a honed edge keep me a happy turner.”

– Mike Lee – professional woodturner – Hawaii


-Harvey Ghesser, Tue, Jun 07, 2011 8:57 am

When I first discovered woodturning about two years ago, I also tried to learn all I could through books, magazines, and the internet.  I l learned where to take instruction, the type of lathe I’d be interested in, and I learned about the best tools and toolmakers. In my mind, Jerry  Glaser was at the forefront of amazingly high quality turning tools and I strongly believe in utilizing high quality tools.
Unfortunately for me, no one at that time was selling Jerry Glaser tools, with the exception of an occasional used Jerry Glaser handle I would see on Ebay.  So I went for second best.
It was only in May 2011, while online, reading the woodturning forum on Sawmill Creek, that someone said they had just received their new Glaser Gouge from Glaser Hitec Engineering!  Now I’m really excited that the Glasers are available again!
I immediately ordered a 1/2 inch 15V Glaser Gouge online with my name engraved on the handle.  Paulo Marin, the owner, and also a woodturner, had the presence of mind to know that the woodturning world still needed the outstanding tools that Jerry Glaser designed years earlier.  Jerry Glaser was definitely a man ahead of his time!
My Glaser arrived via Fedex, and to my delight it was truly a work of art!  The handle and the gouge absolutely belonged to each other!  Now if function followed form, I will have have scored a home run!
The gouge cut where I wanted it to.  It was just a delight to use.  I had never had so much control of the cut in the two years I’ve been turning wood.  It really worked better than any gouge I’d ever used.  Paulo told me that that was due to the oval geometry that Jerry Glaser had designed into the gouge.  I’ve used the “V’ gouge and the “U” gouge and they never cut like this!   After roughing a large maple blank, Paulo told me to hone the edge with a diamond hone.  Now it’s scary sharp… again!
Glaser Hitec offers both quality of product and customer service that was above and beyond my expectations.  Paulo made sure I knew what was happening with my order at all times.  He’s very friendly and easy to deal with.

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