Handles filled with Vibration Dampening Gel (VDG)
Assembled on a 16″ Glaser Hitec Handle

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The HYBRID OVAL BOWL GOUGE was originally designed to offer some characteristics of the 3/8″ Oval Bowl Gouge and the 1/2″ Oval Bowl Gouge.

The flute design is “right in between” the two gouges which allows the woodturner to get into some difficult corners while maintaining the ability to achieve depth without compromising strength. Jerry’s Oval Bowl Gouges offer great performance, proper flute angles and especially proper mass and stability for most demanding turning operations.

The flute shapes are precision ground using state of the art CNC Grinding Machines. Then, they are hardened and cryogenically tempered and subjected to our proprietary “Surface Compacting Technology” which enhances the surface of the steel. Although sharpened, the initial grind is placed just to allow the woodturner to start using the tools right away. It is up to the user to determine if he/she wants to keep the same grind shape after initial use.


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