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Long time ago, Jerry Glaser designed this tool for his friend Howard Lewin. Howard was looking for something that could take care of that final “cleanup” cut inside a bowl…the “transition” between the sidewall and the bottom.

And so the “Bottom Bowl Gouge” was born. Try this tool and you will obtain the “cleanest and smoothest” finishes inside your bowl!

As mentioned before, Jerry was the first manufacturer to devise the proper flute angles and proper mass and stability. I can tell you this is a phenomenal tool.

The flute shapes are precision ground using state of the art CNC Grinding Machines. Then, they are hardened and cryogenically tempered and subjected to our proprietary “Surface Compacting Technology” which enhances the surface of the steel. The process creates a “micro burr” surface which proves to be “extremely effective” on the cutting edge of the tool.

This tool comes sharpened with a 65 degree angle. It is up to the user to determine if he/she wants to keep the same grind shape or change it after initial use.

NEW – Handles filled with Vibration Dampening Gel (VDG) designed to eliminate vibration and reduce fatigue.

Assembled on a 20″ Glaser Hitec Handle.


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