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Made out of aircraft aluminum the Glaser Screw Chuck has the distinction of being the only American-made chuck.

It showcases a hardened medical grade stainless steel screw with a special thin thread which protrudes from the center of the anodized aluminum body. The screw has no taper and the thin thread is designed to penetrate the wood with minimum damage. The Glaser Screw Chuck comes standard with a reversible 3 1/2″ faceplate which screws over the chuck to provide extra support. Also available for purchase is a larger faceplate which covers 4 1/2 and 5 1/2″ for bigger pieces of wood.

For facework or centerwork, you drill a 1/4 inch hole in the stock and thread it on the chuck. The screw grips tenaciously. even in endgrain – something most screws will not do. Mounting and removing work is fast, which explains the popularity of the Glaser Screw Chuck with production turners.

Work removed from the lathe can be accurately remounted with no issues. The Glaser Screw Chuck is also ideal for mounting of jamb chucks and other wooden faceplates.


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