I cannot express the delight I feel when working with a genius like Jerry Glaser.

To start, his house is a gallery of woodturnings, puzzles, books, woodturnings and most importantly Sam Maloof’s beautiful rocking chairs. Jerry keeps his brain occupied on a daily basis with a large variety of activities which I absolutely believe is what keeps his brain sharp at such an advanced age.

When I inquire of Jerry his past accomplishments, it is amazing to see the clarity from which he speaks about his developments and experiences. While driving back from a visit to our facility Jerry was explaining to me how he decided to contact the British manufacturers about his newly discovered CPM steels. Not only did he write them a letter, but he also send samples of the product. To his amazement, he received no reply, which was the catalyst for Jerry to start manufacturing his superb woodturning tools. As Sam Maloof quoted: We were lucky that Jerry decided to be a toolmaker…

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