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We are currently working on Revision 2 of our great quick-release system. A new and improved adapter has been developed.


You can say goodbye to the Allen wrenches, set screws and cam lock adapters because tool changes are performed in a matter of seconds!

The miniGlaser QR system is new, clever and a complete departure from what is in the market today.

It consists of 9 tools encased in our worldwide patented adapter holding system, which is machined to extremely high tolerances. The handle serves as a unique holding device, which is totally new to the industry.

  • Offered in a compact and highly portable custom pouch
  • Entire system weighs approximately 4 lbs.
  • Proprietary finish protects against corrosion and adds lubricity to the steel
  • Lead shot filled handles reduces fatigue and reduces harmonics
  • Ergonomic BLACK ANODIZED handle showcases a “no-roll design”
  • Made out of CPM10V

Our set includes the following nine tools:

  • 3/4″ Spindle Roughing Gouge
  • 1/2″ Continental Gouge
  • 3/8″ Oval Bowl Gouge
  • 3/8″ Detail Gouge
  • 1/4″ Detail Gouge
  • 7/16″ Skew Chisel
  • 7/16″ Round Nose Scraper
  • 7/16″ Square Edge Scraper
  • 1/16″ Parting Tool

The retail price for the set of 9 tools, the patented quick-release handle system, and a custom embroidered pouch is $649.

You will have the choice to enhance your set by purchasing the following tools separately

  • 3/8″ Beading Tool @ $55
  • 3/8″ French Bedan @ $55
  • 1/4″ Point Tool      @ $45


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